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About Us/Overview

CENTAUR is offering the following ENGINEERING SERVICES:
Design Engineering: Research and Development (R&D)
Mechanical Design & Drafting (CAD)
Stress & Finite Element Analysis (FEA/FEM)
CNC Programming & Tool Design (CAD/CAM)
Re-Design: Modification to Existing Designs for the purpose of the Products Performance Improvement and Cost Reduction
Engineering Design Reviews and Project Approvals in compliance with relevant codes and standards

Our Goal:
To offer and provide our clients with the highest quality professional engineering services, on time, and at competitive prices.

Our Team:
The group of dynamic Professional Engineers who share a common vision to serve and protect the public interest while rendering the professional engineering services.
We focus on companies that need our help to provide them with the necessary mechanical engineering services.
We take every effort towards satisfaction of our clients needs, trying to meet their requirements and expectations.
We use responsible creativity to craft the best design engineering solutions.
We act with high ideals of personal honour and professional integrity in our endeavours.

Our Background:
Our engineers have diverse experience in Mechanical Engineering with particular emphasis in Mechanical Design Engineering and Manufacturing/Industrial Engineering in various industries, such as Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, and Structural Engineering. Our designers, draftsmen and programmers have extensive experience in Design Preparation, and in CNC Programming, using various CAD/CAM/FEA applications.

Our Areas of Specialization:

Machines and components
Structural products
Consumer products
Molds and dies
Tools, jigs and fixtures

We are Always Open to Your Proposals and Ready to Cooperate with You.

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