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Our CNC Programming and Tool Design services include but are not limited
to the following:

CNC Programming: Tool Path Verification
Create computerized numerical control (CNC) programs for the
shop floor CNC machine tools (lathes, boring mills, bottle bores,
milling profilers, milling centers), in order to support tool change
requests and new manufacturing projects, using computer-aided
design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software
Design tools and fixtures for holding, orienting and indexing
CNC-operated parts
Recommend and implement quality and method improvement projects
including irreversible corrective action for non-conformance and
cost reduction
Recommend and implement new cutting tool technologies and
manufacturing methods, in order to improve machine cycle time
on the CNC machine tools

We are Always Open to Your Proposals and Ready to Cooperate with You.

Related Information

Numerical control or numerically controlled (NC) machine tools are machines that are automatically operated by commands encoded on a digital medium. NC machines were first developed soon after World War II and made it possible for large quantities of the desired components to be very precisely and efficiently produced (machined) in a reliable repetitive manner.
These early machines were often fed instructions which were punched onto paper tape or Hollerith cards, although Mylar (or polyester) tapes became popular because of their high durability and quality.
In the 1960s, NC machines largely gave way to CNC, or computerized numerical control, machines. (GE had its NC 550 workhorse for many years until they came out with their first CNC (model 1050) in August 1974.)
Numerical Control (NC) was the forerunner of today's Computerized Numerical Control (CNC), which controls the automation of machine tools and the inherent tool processes for which they are designed. The CNC machine tool is the servo actuator of the CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing) technology both literally and figuratively. CNC inherits from NC the essential character of by-the-numbers interpolation of transition points in the work envelope of a multi-axis motion platform, based on the separation of programming from operations.
The set of instructions, or "program" (usually an ASCII text file in which, in its simplest form, a line of text specifies the axial coordinates of a point in the work envelope) is prepared from a blueprint or CAD file and transferred to the memory of the CNC via floppy drive, serial data interface or a network connection. Once stored in the CNC memory and selected, the program is executed by pressing the appropriate key on the machine operator panel.

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