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Services/FEA - Finite Element Analysis - Stress Analysis

Our Finite Element Analysis services include but are not limited
to the following:

FEA Analysis: Stress, Strain & Displacement Results Simulation
Conducting Stress/FEA Analysis for parts and assembled
components, in order to:

Compare alternative designs
Simulate real-world operating conditions to study the
part handling stress, strain and displacement
Conduct the analysis optimization for the part to meet
its design requirements
Reduce costs and eliminate time delays caused by
physical prototyping
Identify potential design flaws and correct them in
the earlier design stage
Study the interaction between assembled components
Perform both thermal and structural analysis
Study the part/unit performance under dynamic loads

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Related Information

Finite Element Analysis (FEA/FEM) provides designer/manufacturer with a detailed information that allows to study and understand a part’s (or a unit's) strength, performance, manufacturability, and feasibility before its production stage.
The finite element method (FEM) (sometimes referred to as finite element analysis - FEA) is a numerical technique for finding approximate solutions of partial differential equations (PDE) as well as of integral equations.
The solution approach is based either on eliminating the differential equation completely (steady state problems), or rendering the PDE into an approximating system of ordinary differential equations, which are then numerically integrated using standard techniques such as Euler's method, Runge-Kutta, etc.
Finite Element Analysis is probably the most important tool added to the mechanical design engineer's toolkit this century.
The development of FEA has been driven by the desire for more accurate design computations in more complex situations, allowing improvements in both the design procedure and products.
The growing use of FEA has been made possible by the creation of computation engines that are capable of handling the immense volume of calculations necessary to prepare and carry out an analysis and easily display the results for interpretation.
With the advent of very powerful desktop workstations, FEA is now available at a practical cost to virtually all engineers and designers.

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